Samy Enterprise

samy Enterprise at the park samy Enterprise at the stadium samy Enterprise at the casino

Samy Enterprise extends all the functionality of samy with the additional benefit of creating exclusive in-venue experiences. Brands, venue and event operators can now facilitate a custom, hyper-location specific mobile experience with multiple features that are triggered within the application. The Samy Enterprise platform enables these businesses to offer upsell opportunities while customers are on location as well as send time and location sensitive information via the mobile application. For the user, they will be able to seamlessly switch between the global samy network and private Samy Enterprise experience on location, all within the samy application.

In addition to all the benefits of samy, Samy Enterprise offers a backend platform that can integrate with existing systems and data sources to provide on premise functionality including:

  • Proximity notification
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Reservation system integration (restaurants, nightlife, entertainment)
  • Vouchers and Coupons
  • Mobile payment
  • Real time information (wait times, event updates, capacity information)
  • Venue map integration

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